⋆ Winner ⋆ Saltire Literary Award | Poetry Book of the Year 2019 


Slow Burning

The voice in Janette Ayachi’s second collection observes and explores chemical reactions in nature and the human body. Fire symbolises both an environmental force and the heat of the heart. She delves into mysticism, bones, anatomy and pilgrimages to reveal a fusion of lost landscapes and loves while hinting at new beginnings on the horizon. Nature always wills us a new spark and a chance to love again.


Hand Over Mouth Music

In essence, “Hand Over Mouth Music” is a collection of poems that invites readers to explore themes of identity, culture, and self-expression through the lens of Janette Ayachi’s unique and evocative poetic style. It’s a work that encourages introspection and reflection on the diverse facets of the human experience.


The Mermaid, The Girl, and The Gondola

This beautiful book chronicles the adventures of a Scottish girl in Italy, where she forms a thrilling friendship with a canal-dwelling mermaid, encountering enigmatic characters like a fortune teller and eerie masked beings. Amidst Venice’s enchanting backdrop of magic, carnival, and mysticism, the story raises questions about the mermaid’s true identity due to the pervasive deception and duplicity woven throughout.

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