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Janette with two of her poetry mentees after performing at the Edinburgh fringe

With a solid foundation in mentoring gained through active participation in the Cross Borders Mentoring programme with the Scottish Refugee Council since 2022, coupled with two consecutive years of mentoring for the Scottish Poetry Library on their Scotland’s Next Generation Young Makers Programme, I have honed my skills in guiding and supporting individuals in their creative journeys.

My involvement as a judge for the Edwin Morgan Prize and the Scottish New Writers Award in 2023 has provided me with a distinctive insight into contemporary poetry, placing me at the forefront of today’s dynamic literary landscape. As your potential mentor, I offer a commitment to providing personalised feedback on your work, insightful advice on submission strategies, and a dedicated working relationship that can span up to six months.

My approach includes personalised reading and writing tasks, along with guidance tailored to help navigate the challenges and opportunities of a life as a working poet. Through these experiences, I am confident in my ability to offer valuable mentorship that fosters growth and development in aspiring poets.


What we will cover during our sessions

An overview of what will likely be included in our sessions. My aim is to provide valuable guidance, support and encouragement and so the sessions can be adapted dependent on your needs. 

Before commencing our mentoring sessions I invite you to have a free 20-minute session, strategically designed for us to get to know each other better. This initial meeting serves as a valuable opportunity to assess ensure that our mentoring relationship is a good fit. During this time, we can discuss your goals, expectations, and preferences, allowing us to tailor our approach for an effective collaboration.

Performance Practice

From the written word to the spoken word. We will cover tips & techniques to turn stanzas from the page into performance pieces across the stage.


Your manuscript / individual poems will be line edited and the new draft will be discussed either online or in person.

Collection Creation

We will collaborate on establishing a theme and title for your collection as well as organising the running order of your poems. We will complete your manuscript and set it up for publication.

Feedback from
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Single Session
£150Up to 200 lines
  • 45 minute online session or written feedback

  • Line-by-line edits

  • Advice and encouragement for submissions 

£300Up to 30 pages
  • Two 45 minute sessions

  • Line-by-line edits

  • Ordering of poems

  • Establishing a theme

  • Advice on how to ready the collection for publication

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Full Collection
£600Up to 65 pages
  • Four 45 minute sessions

  • Tailored 1-2-1 mentoring

  • Line-by-line edits

  • Ordering of poems

  • Establishing a theme

  • Guidance on next steps towards publication

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Our mentoring process can range from one to six months depending on preferences.

If for any reason you cannot attend, we can rearrange our session for the next suitable date, no problem.

Payment will be taken via Paypal and the schedule will vary depending on the mentoring plan chosen and on mentee preferences.

While there is no minimum period, it is vital that that we ensure enough time to have a successful outcome.

In the unfortunate event that you wish to end our partnership you will be refunded for sessions not complete.

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