Omega Alpha

“What is history when what disturbs us most finds a different pleasure each day.”

Hello & welcome to my new website!… which now includes a blog where I will pull at the threads of things that excite me as I journey forth as a poet. I hope you can join me on this expedition into the unknown & at once familiar. Pluto has just moved into Aquarius, this will bring us lots of new ideas & new focus. 

So humanity remains the architect of the city & February has just swung open her gates, a short & often cold month, & I am ready to be gently shoved sideways by experience & learning. I am eager to stamp away the January blues & grab the end of winter by the horns to ride it out with calorific stars caught in my hair weighing me into the ether. 

Until the sun returns, I have a few books to get lost in; a mix of essays, popular fiction & poetry – they pile up looking all pretty! Reading is research for a writer, the point that pops the ink cartridge on our pens.

My second poetry collection will be released in the spring from Pavilion Press & I started writing my debut fiction novel last September in Denmark. So more about these projects sooner than the shower steam condensates mirrors in the mornings.

I will manage this space with gut-speak, observation & sensation; confessionalism at best with its tricky history of critical response when pronounced as an off-shoot from postmodernism, it’s easy to cater to it as an indulgence rather than a movement.  Plath, Berryman & Sexton; the original school of confessionalism litigated a wave of autobiographical poets.  

What could I write about, apart from life as I live it, to document it as an art; to make sense of it as a science, tickled by experiment, dissected with the light? 

You will find all sorts of information here — upcoming gigs, any media appearances, outcomes of artistic collaborations — if you so wish to follow. Nothing is static, everything is contingent & set for surprise. This website is a dream, I am lucky to have a fabulous designer, Alanna Craig, & the aesthetics will never disappoint.

The horizon is always studded with endless possibilities. Let’s collect them together in our pockets.

With fierce love,

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